Concrétisons des projets, exauçons des rêves

Enabling Projects, Fulfilling Dreams

About us

TunisiEntraide is a non-profit organization whose mission is to put into place a network of solidarity and assistance between both Tunisians and friends of Tunisia.
Our mission is to contribute, through fund-raising initiatives, to various programs destined to improve the condition of life of many communities living in impoverished areas of Tunisia..
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TunisiEntraide’s events

TunisiEntraide organizes many events such as organizing themed culinary evenings, exhibitions, conferences or gala to raise funds for achieving its objectives.

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TunisiEntraide the team

Presently, our team consists of enthusiastic, dynamic and optimistic volunteers, who believe in the future of Tunisia. By establishing TunisiEntraide, we are uniting our efforts in order to raise awareness amongst the Tunisian Community and the friends of Tunisia in North America, to the extreme poverty in certain regions in Tunisia and to the necessity of creating a movement of solidarity in providing the necessary help to assist these regions.
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Nous sommes une équipe de bénévoles pluridisciplinaire et dynamique Découvrez-nous